Departure Day!

 8: 17 am

Today I fly from Pearson up to Neskantaga (via Thunder Bay). Many thanks to Dwayne for driving me to the airport. How many people do you think are at Pearson Airport on a Sunday morning? Not many I can tell you that. I am sure there are more staff here than passengers. During holiday time, Sunday AM is definitely the time to fly. There are crowds of security staff milling about with no one to secure and perhaps a dozen prospective passengers wandering the terminal.


The public address comments are interesting. I am being reminded every fifteen minutes to maintain control of my personal property at all times. This is beginning to worry me. I may have greatly underestimated the trouble my bags were going to give me! Without my kids here I thought I was going to have it easy! Perhaps airports are some magical place where bags come to life and run amok on their owners! I brought a bag for my lunch and my laptop and this leaves me outnumbered two to one. Well if the two of them get out of hand I guess I will abandon my lunch and pin my laptop to the floor and wait for back-up.

My accursed bags

What’s this? Now I am being told that I cannot leave my bags unattended, “not even for a moment”! Why didn’t anyone tell me! I have brought two bags into this airport and am now responsible for everything that they do. If one goes one way and the other one goes the other I will really be in a pickle! This is just like a trip to Walmart with the twins; grab hold of both of them and wait for help to arrive. The one big difference I suppose is that CAS probably won’t come and take my two bags away from me.


I will fly to Thunder Bay for 11: 40 am and then my flight for Neskantaga doesn’t leave until 4 pm. It will be interesting seeing the sun set on the way up. I hope I can get a window seat 🙂 With only 12 seats on the plane every seat is a window seat!


Oh great! I just found out that “for security reasons” fluids aren’t allowed in your carry on. “All fluids must be in a clear resealable bag in bottles of no more than 100 ml.” With my 1L water bottle I am now carrying ten times the legal limit for fluids, or so the announcement lady says. I don’t know. The first lady on the announcements has me worried but I don’t find the french one convincing at all.

11: 24 am

In the air above Lake Superior.  Up here it is beautiful; but cold.  Note the ice on the window.  Will be landing shortly in Thunder Bay.

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