Welcome to Neskantaga

5:01 pm

Sunset above Northern Ontario

Sunset above Northern Ontario.  This was taken tonight from the window of a Pilatus single engine, 9 passenger plane.  We were travelling at 21, 000 feet when this picture was taken.  How do I know?  Because I can read it off the dashboard!!! 

My seat

Flying NAC was very exciting.  Their motto is “People are our business”.  This is appropriate because their planes are so small, you are very nearly in their business.  You are very close to the action in a Pilatus aircraft I must say that.

6:03 pm

Arrived in Neskantaga after a brief stop in Fort Hope.  When we arrived we folded up our chairs, stacked them at the back of the plane and grabbed our suitcases out of the back and headed for Terminal 1. 🙂

After a quick check by security I was met by Brian and we went back to town.  The roads seemed a little like Thessalon only with more street lights.  It is a brisk -10 c tonight which is considered a bit warm for these parts.  I had dinner with Brian and BonnieLee and had a quick tour of the medical building.  I am staying in the apartment next to Brian and BonnieLee’s place which is great.  Lots of room, except or the 100+ presents that are stored in the living room!

Pile of presents

While at dinner Santa’s elves heard of a couple of extra kids that were going to be in town for Wednesday night so we need to come up with a couple of more gifts.  Thank goodness there is extra.  Time for bed.  Will write more soon.

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