Monday At The Northern Store

The Northern Store

Boo Shoo everyone.   I set the alarm for 7:30 this morning and it’s a good thing.  It looked like 5:30 it was so dark.  The sun doesn’t come up until about 9 am at this time of year.  After breakfast Brian made some calls and we began planning the week.  Chief Peter Moonias is out right now and may be back Northern Store

before the end of the week.  I will be seeing a few members of the education committee tomorrow to talk about youth programs and our plans for next year’s day camp.

We went for a walk to get the mail and it was a bit brisk (-14 c) but we saw a few people driving snow machines without hats or covered faces.  Bonnie says the talk is that it is too warm and people would like to see it colder.  The winter road is not open yet as the ice is still not thick enough.

The post office is in the Northern Store so we went for a few groceries before picking up the mail.  Here is your introduction to the typical prices at the Northern Store.

2% Milk


2L Carton, Homo $6.29, 1% is 6.75, 2% is 7.69, 1% is Chocolate $10.29

Frozen Vegetables


1 kg Corn $6.39, 1 kg Peas $7.69

Other Dairy


600g  Marble or Cheddar $12.39, Cheeze Whiz 250 g $5. 15



Size 11-13 $25.99, Size 1-3 $29.99, These are the cheap shoes.  

Spiderman Boots

Spiderman Boots 

$42.99  Size 2 

Some other related information:

  • Average family income $400 / week, however there’s no tax on that.
  • Families don’t pay rent to the band but an average electricity bill runs $200 – $300  /month
  • Gasoline $1.70 / L and that is without tax!

Bonnie was talking about the difference a gift like snow pants makes.  Kids here like getting new clothes and a coat or a pair of boots that is donated is passed down to multiple families and never goes to waste.  This puts an extra $30 or $40 back into two or three parents hands that can be used for food.  Bonnie met a girl’s parent in the Northern Store who was looking at a $10 pair of mitts.  Bonnie had a pair at the clinic for her so she bought a bag of apples instead.

Wednesday’s dinner is coming together.  Two ladies in the community have taken a lead in coordinating a potluck dinner.  One lady called parents of every kid in town to make sure they know about Santa’s plans.  Everyone is bringing food so it should be an interesting evening.  Pray for success.

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