Up Up And Away!

Bonnie and Brian's at dawn

Bonnie & Brian’s at dawn

Friday 11:14 am

An interesting development. Leaving Neskantaga I asked Brian how early do you need to arrive for departing flight?

Dawn in Neskantaga

Oh, about five minutes before the plane leaves.”

The plane arrived exactly on time and I walked in and out of Terminal 1, threw my bag in the back and away we were.


The flight was scheduled to stop in Fort Hope in 20 minutes and I was to change planes to another NAC flight headed for Thunder Bay.

The pilot descended to 6 000 ft and deployed the landing gear. We were in thick cloud and he lowered to 4 000 ft; still cloudy. Down we go to 2 400 ft, no change. Finally to about 1 400 ft and still no change. He went back up to 6 000 ft and he tried again.

I knew we were in for a change of plans when he retracted landing gear and set the altimeter for 20 000 ft. The pilot the took off his headset and turned to the 9 passengers.

As you can probably tell, there has been a change of plans. How many of you are headed to Thunder Bay?” Four of us put up our hands. “How many for Sioux Lookout?” Five put up their hands.

O.K. We’ll be headed for Sioux Look next. I will call ahead to make arrangements for the four of you.”

Air travel by democracy. I almost can’t believe it. I am now grateful that Brian’s travel agent had a four hour stop over in Thunder Bay before I depart for Toronto. Hopefully this won’t take too long. I could tell we were headed pretty much south so this probably wouldn’t make things too close.

When we arrived in Sioux Lookout the pilot informed the minority opposition that our Thunder Bay plane was leaving at 11:30am and should arrive in Thunder Bay at 1: 00pm. It is a 30 minute flight so I was puzzled. Then he informed me that we were far enough west that we were now in Central Standard Time. A new time zone, bonus!

I have been too busy to think about it until now. I miss my boys… Julie too of course.:)

2:30 pm

Arrived in Thunder Bay O.K. It seemed just as cloudy. I guess this pilot just wanted it more. 🙂

I was originally told at the counter that my flight to Toronto was delayed by 30 min. I called Julie to let her know and now they are telling me that it will be leaving early. Yikes I gotta get out a here.

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