Delightful Evil, and Boring Virtue

Professor JacobI have learned more from my children than I will ever teach them. They (all four) see the world so freshly and sharply and observe things without the trappings of adulthood. Jacob is our resident philosopher. I quote him regularly. I have been doing some readings for school and some listening to him. Here are two quotes from today; one from Jacob and another from tragically famous philosopher Simone Weil.

“You know why they make the Bad Bionicles first? First they made the Barraki and then they make the Toa Mahri. They make the bad ones first because people like to be bad but then they realize they need good guys.”

– Jacob Walker –

Simone Weil

Nothing is so beautiful and wonderful, nothing is so continually fresh and surprising, so full of sweet and perpetual ecstasy, as the good. No desert is so dreary, monotonous, and boring as evil. This is the truth about authentic good and evil. With fictional good and evil it is the other way round. Fictional good is boring and flat, while fictional evil is varied and intriguing, attractive, profound, and full of charm.

– Simone Weil –

That is so true. Watch Saturday morning cartoons sometime; Legion of Superheros. Superman won’t join because he has this vendetta against Imperiex (It’s a long story). It’s worse with prime time. Find me a show that has a hero in it, period.

Funny how in real life, evil is not interesting at all. I spent some time at the drop in centre with a young child (less than 12) today who is dealing with the depths of evil in her own home. What she struggles with every day is not entertaining in the least! It is heartbreaking and terrifying. At the same time I am watching with delight a senior citizen who loves teenagers out of the depth of her heart. She is a delight to watch. The way she gently directs casual conversation into deep discussions of the divine and profound.

It is like watching Jesus Christ himself.


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