Top 5 Things I Love About Facebook

I don’t have much time today but I am dying to post something so here goes:
Top 5 Things I Love About Facebook
5.  Scrabulous!  I had never realized how much I love Scrabble until I got this application.  Its the perfect game to play for a few minutes each day and then come back to it later.  I play 7 or 8 games at a time.  It’s great!

4. Chat client. Understand that I am not a huge text messaging fan. Never-the-less (NTL) I do appreciate being able to instantly get ahold of the facebook junkies that i know. Most of my friends never made the leap to MSN Messanger, but a lot of them can use the chat client on Facebook.

3. Photo Albums. Having had a rainy week with camp it is so much easier to just tell people, “Go check the album on Facebook”

2. Ministry.  I have jokingly said that my wife is the official deaconess in charge of Facebook ministry.  Through Facebook Julie hears about good news and bad, faster than through official channels.  We have been able to help people we would have never known were in trouble.  There is great potential with this ministry tool and I don’t know of many churches that are effectively using it today.

1.  Birthdays  Eighteen people wishing me a happy birthday! Before Facebook that was just not happening. Period.  It is great to hear from friends far away.  I would never hear from them without Facebook and would have been sharing a birthday cake all by myself 🙂

Happy Birthday 2008


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