Humanism on PBS?


I was watching TV with Devin the other day and we were watching some of the filler programing between shows on PBS.  We don’t have cable so the only kids shows the kids can watch outside of Saturday morning is on PBS and TVO.  Rather than have commercials these networks show these short 2 minute filler programs that ‘advertise’ things like the number 11, or the ‘sh’ sound.

This particular day, between Clifford the Big Red Dog and Curious George I overheard the TV saying, “… no matter what there is always one person you can count on.  One peson that won’t let you down.  Do you know who that is?”  Devin says, “God” at the same time as the TV says, “yourself”.

Devin immediately reacted to the unexpected response from the idiot box – “Yourself?!?”    Despite living in this wacked post-modern world my kids has managed to get to the age of 10 without his brains being pickIed.  I took advantage of this great teaching opportunity and we talked for a minute about how you can’t always count on yourself.  Your feelings can be misleading; sometimes you do let yourself down; sometimes you come up with really bad ideas!

God is a foundation that you can really count on.  God is not going to be someone who let’s you down.  You can depend on Him.  Maybe we should get cable after all.  I can’t have these poor spiritual influences getting into my house!  🙂

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