Church in the Park Sunday

Church in the Park

What a wonderful day in the park.  The weather couldn’t have been better.  More than two-hundred gathered at Ball’s Falls today for worship and a time of reflection on the summer that was.

We talked about living life in touch with reality and I used the Star Trek Experience as a possible example of people who aren’t aquainted with reality so much.  The exhibit is closing next week so I thought I should let everyone know they need to book their flights and get their tickets soon 🙂

Understanding Jesus gives insight into how the world really is and living without understanding Jesus leaves you in the dark.  In Mark 2 we read about Jesus being swamped with people.  You couldn’t get anywhere near the guy.  Four friends bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus to be healed.  They are so convinced that Jesus can deal with this that they bust  a hole in the roof in order to get to see Jesus.

Verse 5 says that Jesus is impressed by their …. faith?   The bold show of faith is what Jesus is impressed by.  Not their resume’s nor their understanding of 1st Century architecture.  It is faith that impresses Jesus.  Faith is so important that without faith it is impossible to please Him. (Heb. 11: 6)

The other thing that is striking about this story is what Jesus says next.  “Son, your sins are forgiven.”  Jesus focuses on this man’s greatest need: His sin nature.  We would focus on the physical ailment as the greatest need here but Jesus sees with vision that is unobstructed.  Jesus knows that whether I walk upright or am bed ridden my biggest problem is that my heart; my basic nature is in rebellion to God (Rom. 8: 6-7).

It’s not that you do bad things, you are bad!  Jesus, in forgiving this man restores the capacity for him to have relationship with God.  Crippled or not he would never experience lasting peace or eternal joy after his earthly life without the forgiveness that God grants.

When we understand how Jesus sees us, we understand ourselves better.

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