The Future Becomes Present


Tomorrow I will be at a funeral for Rick Pinczuk, a minister and missionary in the Ukraine. Click here for more information about Rick’s work with Slavic Evangelism Ministry. Tonight’s Greek homework has special significance in light of that.  I am translating John 12: 1-26 and by the time I have reached verse 25 I have yet to see a single future tense verb (which is a little unusual).  The last two verses however have three:

“The one who fancies this life loses it (present tense) but the one who doesn’t desire this life will preserve (future tense) it.  If anyone serves me he must follow me and the place where I am (present tense) there my servant will be (future tense).  The Father will honour (future tense) my servant.” [Noel Walker Standard Translation 😉 ]

A funeral is where we recognize that the future tense has become present.  Tomorrow we recognize that my brother Rick has preserved his life.  He has followed Jesus and now is where Jesus is.  Rick has been a most capable servant and now is honoured by the Father.

Welcome home faithful servant!


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