Top Three Tuesday

As a regular feature here on the blog I will be posting some top three lists that are part of my life… This week:

Top Three Questions I Am Asked

About The Twins

Picture 103

3. Can You Tell Them Apart?

Yes. Julie and I were delighted to see, right out of the chute that Daniel has a freckle right on the heel of his right foot. This gave us enough confidence that we cut their id bracelets off them shortly after they came home from the hospital. In addition to the factory issued freckle, a very nasty bout with the chicken pox (at the age of 6 months) has given Liam a scar over his right eye that can also be used for identification purposes. Besides all this, they look and sound differently to us and have from the start. What is fun is watching the two different personalities come out as they get older. Liam typically stays close when we are out in public and usually plays on his own. Daniel is a man of the people. He usually works the crowd and will find some other kids to play with.

2. Do They Ever Try to Trick You Into Thinking One Twin is the Other?

Try? Yes. Succeed? Not exactly. Liam will sometimes claim to be Daniel but Daniel never goes along with it.

I’m Daniel

            No, I’m Daniel. You’re Liam.

NO, I’M Daniel

            NO, I’M DANIEL!!!

You were Daniel yesterday!

If you ever get one of them to admit to being Liam… Go with it. It is very likely to be true. The only problem I have with telling them apart is when one of them (usually Daniel) climbs in bed with me.

Who is This?

(Incidentally,another question we are also asked but didn’t make the top three is, “Do they sleep in their own beds?” As you can see above, the answer is … ‘almost.’)

When I go to carry him to his bed, but find someone already there I am forced to wonder, ‘Is this Daniel or is this Liam in Daniel’s bed?’ I often guess wrong and am reprimanded in the morning, “Daddy! You put Daniel in MY bed!”

And the number one question we are asked about the twins ………….

1. Are you going to try for a girl?

No.  There is a mathematical explanation.  Leonardo Fibonacci developed a numerical sequence called the Fibonacci Sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, …  If a university education has taught me anything, it has taught me how to recognize a numerical sequence: one boy, one boy, two boys…  If we were so foolish as to try ‘one more time’ for this mythological girl everyone keeps talking about we would simply add three more boys to the four we already have. 

Picture 054rQuestions that get honourable mention: “Are they always this happy?”  Yes.














Picture 111rDo they always grab themselves?   Sadly, yes. But we are working on it.


3 thoughts on “Top Three Tuesday

  1. Great stuff, Noel. The pictures are priceless. And I think you are a wise man for heeding the advice of Fibonacci. On the other hand, I think that would make a great name for one of your triplets.


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