Top Thr33 Tuesday


photo by Martin Cann

Lots of homework lately.  I don’t have time to do anything but write papers.  I had a great weekend a couple of weeks ago (Oct. 31 – Nov. 2) at the Williams’ estate on Lake Joseph with 12 friends.  We enjoyed a great deal of fellowship and played a game of cards or two.


photo by Martin Cann


photo by Brent Williams


photo by Brent Williams

Here they are…the Top Three Nicknames from the Weekend. (Don’t make me explain ’em)


photo by Martin Cann

3.  The Preach

2.  Jim, ‘the closer’ Whitfield (just ask Tim about that one)

and the number one new nickname after the weekend…….


photo by Brent Williams

1.  Brokeback Burrows 🙂


photo by Martin Cann

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