Top Three Tuesday: Worst Christmas Gifts

O.K. it’s exam time so we’re a little punchy right now.  I can hardly string a sentence together but I have been on the lookout for really bad Christmas gifts (I have two brothers to buy for after all).  Here are the top three:

3. Men’s Underwear Repair Kit


It’s as practical as it is foolish. Why throw those comfortable underwear out after only 10 or 15 years.  This inexpensive kit will have you in underwear for years to come.  The kit comes complete with a needle and thread, iron-on patches, duct tape, white out and safety pins. Be careful about where you put those safety pins, though.

2.  Dog Poop Calendardoos-2009Cover
Yes it’s true, someone actually made this into a 12-month calendar.  Every month features a beautiful photograph that’s blighted by dog droppings appearing in the middle of it. It’s crude and vulgar and Its only $13.95.  Gifts like this will be sure to make 2009 seem a lot longer.

and the number one worst Christmas Gift:  Screaming Rubber Chicken

Merry Christmas.


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