Christmas at Senator Gibson

Picture 016 stich

I went to the boys’ Christmas Concert Matinee this afternoon and it was quite an experience. Ever since I went to Neskantaga over Christmas, I have never been able to go to one of these things without thinking of them.  I pray for peace and safety for all the families up there; especially at this time of year.

The Teachers at Senator Gibson that put on this program deserve a medal!   I would put the two Primary / Intermediate Teachers who played the piano at today’s program up against any professional pianist. They were tremendous. It is no small feat to play a Christmas Carol for 600+ people and be able to keep time with 140 Gr. 4 – 6 students. Amazing.

Watching Devin in Gr. 5 I found it quite interesting pondering what is the age where the Christmas concerts are no longer cool. It appears like it is somewhere around Gr. 6 that it goes bad. Devin’s attitude toward the program this year was fine – he wanted us there – but, like meat in the back of the fridge that’s been there too long, you can see it’s starting to turn.  I am sure by next year the thought of being in front of a large crowd and singing “don we now our gay apparel”  will have lost what little appeal it has now.

Despite the festive spirit and the cute kids, while at the program this afternoon I also caught a glimpse of the 7th level of Hell.  Behind me was a supply teacher who was doing her best to supervise a Gr. 7 class who were scheduled to watch the performance.   It was horrifying.  They had better pay double for any supply work the two or three days before Christmas.  Speaking from experience, the class work that you typically provide a supply teacher with has a pedagogical value about as low as an elf’s kneecap.  When you supervise a class you are working with almost no leverage as it is but the idea of taking that show out of a classroom and into public is mortifying.  This poor woman had to bring the whole class into an assembly and get them to sit still for an hour and a half.  My heart went out to this poor soul.

90 minutes of controlled chaos; it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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