Storm of the Century?

Picture 020

O.K. everyone needs to take a deep breath.  Are we Canadians or what eh?  I heard a DJ on the radio wonder aloud if this could be the storm of the century.  Come off it folks.  It’s December in Canada…  It’s snow for Pete’s sake!

I don’t know who they’ve got writing the weather bulletins this weekend.  The normal guy must be on holidays.  Here is what it said this morning at 10 am:

With the first 10 cm snowfall now fading into memory, the second in a fascinating series of significant snowstorms is bearing down on southern Ontario from Colorado….

‘Fades into memory??’  What is this masterpiece theatre?  I must be nuts because this does not fascinate me at all.  It’s snow folks!  You shovel it and deal with it.  My Alma Mater (GLCHS) canceled school today yesterday!  There wasn’t a flake on the ground and they pulled the plug.  I guarantee you they never did that when I was teaching there.  I was a Student / Teacher from 1989 – 2005 (with a five year break for a degree) and during that whole time there were three snow days.  Two of them were for ice storms and one was because the water main on the front lawn broke and the toilets weren’t working.  This morning the District School Board of Niagara canceled buses and it still hadn’t snowed yet.  ??????

Picture 019

I went out this morning at 8: 30 am, swept the driveway with a broom and was on my merry way.  These pictures were taken when I got back at 10: 30 am  No big deal.  I have a theory on why this is happening. You wanna hear it?

For the first time, people from my generation are in charge now.  It used to be that when my parents were kids, my Grandparents were in charge; you know, the generation that walked 2 miles to school uphill both ways in three feet of snow.  They never canceled things back then; you just died trying to get to there.  When my parents were in charge they would cancel school when the roads were impassable, or flooded.

This is how my generation grew up loving snow days.  They were the best days in the world and we resented the fact that we don’t get them anymore now that we have grown-up jobs.  So now that we are in charge, what we do is start predicting snow storms three days in advance.  The head of Environment Canada was telling people on the news last night not to drive into work, “Work from home,” he says.  Buddy, we’re already working from home.  That’s what we do from 6 pm – 11 pm.

What in the world are we going to do when our children are in charge?  These are the people who will be  choosing our retirement homes? … I better go get them from school and bring them home before this gets any worse!


One thought on “Storm of the Century?

  1. O.K. I may need to publish a retraction. There is a two foot snow drift up against my front door now. The Youth For Christ Drop In that I was supposed to supervise tonight was canceled. I am glad.


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