Top Three Tuesday: Top Three Things I Want To Get Done

I looked at the schedule at the beginning of December and realized that, our church is not having midweek Bible Study on Wednesday, I am not scheduled to speak on Dec. 28 and I’ve got one more week of holidays that I haven’t taken during 2008 soooo…. I am on holidays starting yesterday.

I have lots of things I want to get done but I will list three here.  By next Tuesday I will have another top three: Things I actually got done.
3. Read a book:  Simple Church by Thom Rainer.  It has been recommended by a couple of people and I have owned a copy for over a year.  It’s time to get down to reading it.  240 pages; 35 a day ought to do it.  Read a review here if you’re interested.  I hope to write one of my own when I’m done.

2.  Get writing on my book idea.  I have an idea.  I might write about it soon right here but I need to get writing on it.  It is like an ache I feel in my bones.  I am burdened to talk about it.  When school is on I just can’t seem to get anywhere with it so I am going to get started this week.  You’ll like it.

1.  Laundry Room Renovation:  I have everything I need, I just need to get to work.  We have a reasonable 6′ x 8 ‘ laundry room but there are no shelves, a gross wash tub and an ugly colour wall.  I bought remnants of flooring ( $50 ) some cupboards on clearance at Home Depot ($550).  A nice stainless sink($80) and new faucet ($70).  My goal by next Monday is to have a new laundry room.  It needs to go like this:

  • Yesterday:  Move everything out, Flooring & Drywall repairs.
  • Tuesday: Paint
  • Wednesday: New Flooring in, move Washer and Dryer back in
  • Friday: Cupboards up on the Wall
  • Saturday: Sink Ready to be Hooked up.
  • Sunday: Tidy up

I would like to hook up the wash basin in the Garage but that is going to take some serious work.  It may not get done until some other week.

I’ll update you on how it’s going later.


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