I watched Wally with my three oldest boys tonight; Well actually two oldest and our neighbour’s son.  He’s kind of one of us too.  After seeing Bambi, I would have thought there was no animated feature that could make me cry.  I was wrong.

Wally could very well be my new favourite Pixar movie.  It is a compelling narrative which is remarkable considering that:

  1. It’s animated and
  2. There isn’t an intelligible word of English in the first 45 minutes.

It is as environmentally preachy as a Grade 1 teacher but doesn’t come across as overbearing.  What a movie!

P.S. On an entirely different note, if you we’re planning to go to Walmart any time soon, better give them a couple of days to recover.  Julie and I went there tonight 20 minutes before closing (it’s what passes for a date when you have been married over 15 years) and it looked a frat party had just broken up.  With selling out of everything you might possibly want and boxes and boxes of returns to put back on shelves, the staff are a bit on edge.  While we wandered the cluttered aisles the guy at the Sports Counter kept paging “The Associate with the Keys to the Sports Counter please return to the Sports Counter” with a stronger and stronger tone in his voice. Finally we heard “CSO to the Sports Counter!” and the receiver slam down.  What a disaster!  We couldn’t find anything.  Just thought I would let you know.


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