Top Three Tuesday: Things I Actually Got Done

Well, I had a week off last week and resolved to get three things done:

3.  Read a book.  Not quite done but 165 of the 250 pages done.  Simple Church is not Simple.  It is a great book that follows in the footsteps of the Purpose Driven Church.  The great contribution to church leadership that it makes is the admonition to define your purpose clearly, and then do nothing but accomplish that purpose.  I will have more to say about the book when I am done.

2.  Get writing on my book idea.  Not a lot of progress on this front.  I could never get any time where there wasn’t something distracting me.  I gave the book a great deal of thought though.  I have been back and forth on it (Everything from ‘I’ll never get this done’, ‘I’m not the person to write this’, ‘Nobody wants to read it anyway’  to ‘This needs to be said’ , ‘People need to hear this’ etc.)  I will try to summarize my basic idea here and perhaps solicit some feedback from people who read this blog.  Some of the ideas of this book will be part of the sermon that I will be preaching this Sunday.

1.  Laundry Room Renovation.  Here I got more done.  Before the project:


During the Project:




After the project:




Still to do: There is some finishing work to do on the trim, some painting touch ups and the plumbing of the new sink that is going to go in the corner.  The floor ended up being a killer to get done.  It was a monster job that took three full days to complete (I originally budgeted half of one day)  The vinyl was two layers thick and had to be ripped up by hand, then the old glue had to be scraped off with a heat gun, and then the subfloor had to be repaired everywhere it had come apart.  Then the new floor had to be glued, rolled with a 100 lb roller and trimmed.  The room is sort of done.  Over the next couple of days I hope to finish it off, or at least get it ready for the plumber next week.


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