Welcome 2009

Good Morning 2009!  I woke up and heard you had arrived last night while I was asleep.  I tried to stay awake for your coming but I was too tired.

A lot of us are looking forward to your arrival. There are some who are worried that you may be coming with bad news. As you may know, we’ve made rather a mess of 2008. It is our hope that you two are not related in any way. Being a year carries a lot of responsibility. You are the future after all!

According to the Chinese zodiac, you are an Ox. This means you are patient and inspire confidence. But you are stubborn and hate to fail! I know some people who are just like you.  You’ll do fine.

You may have heard about this financial mess we’re in. We humans tend to buy stuff we can’t afford, borrow more than we can pay back, and hide mistakes in the hopes no one finds out.

I would have been happy to hear that war and bloodshed were things you didn’t have in common with 2008 but I see from the news this morning that that hasn’t changed either.

Remember, you’re just a year; 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, or 8,670 hours. You shouldn’t feel that you’re required to pull off miracles despite what some may claim. Before too long we will be saying goodbye to you too, God willing.

Make yourself at home now that you’re here. You’ll be busy soon enough.


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