Laundry Room Revisited



I finally got the finishing touches on the Laundry Room project this week. We had a friend who is a plumber come and install the new sink and base next to our washer. It is wonderful to have it done. We have more than three times the storage space that we used to have in there. I makes for a great improvement



What I find amusing is that the ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Ahhhs’ for this whole projecte have not come for the Laundry Room but instead for what we did in the garage.  The crappy wash tub from the Laundry Room was perfect for the Garage so we fed the hot and cold water out the Laundry Room wall into the garage and then rigged a drain back through the concrete wall into the furnace room which is directly below.  It is so nice to be able to clean your hands in the garage instead of fumbling with the doorknob with dirty hands.  I should have these pipes all winterized; and I will shortly but the novelty is still there for me and I am loving having it all hooked up so I have the electric space heater underneath ensuring that the pipes don’t freeze.

I was going to rave about how little this whole project cost but, when you add it all up it’s not that cheap so never mind.  It was cheaper than a Caribbean Vacation but let’s just say that we didn’t have to pay for hotels and food but the flights are booked.  It’s nice to have a place to put stuff and a place to wash paint brushes in the garage.



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