Top 3 Tuesday: Top 3 Signs You Are In the Home of a Patriot

Well Jim and I have arrived in Arkansas in one piece.  The ice storm that is causing problems is all north of where we are for now.  The roads are wet but the temperatures are steadily above 33 degrees.

We are looking forward to our meetings tomorrow and the possibility of getting wireless access somewhere. (I am borrowing a computer to make this post.)  We are staying with a former roomate of Jim’s at Harding.  His name is Jeff and to say that Jeff is a Republican is a bit of an understatement. Now Jeff isn`t pushy or obnoxious. He is kind and soft spoken and is Republican out of principle. He has diligently thought out opinions on Economics, Foreign Policy, and if you want to hear it, he`ll tell you why he believes that Bush was a great President.

So, in honor (check the spelling 🙂 ) of my host for the next couple of days, this week’s Top Three is the Top Three Signs that You Might Be A Guest in the Home of a Patriot; not just a person with political opinions, but a full on Patriot.  Before we continue i want to make it clear that I have nothing against a person passionately loving their country.  If you are going to be politically motivated you might as well jump in with both feet.

#3 Four foot tall framed copy of the US Constitution.
Check it. All 21 Articles.

#2 Fridge pictures of Bush, Reagan.
Now Jeff is bipartisan. if you look carefully you will see a picture of hometown boy Clinton.
clinton magnet

And the number one sign you are a guest in the home of a true Patriot:

George Bush in a Box. Full on, Old School Patriotic. I am speechless.

Honorable mention: 12 inch tall solid wood carving of Lincoln, Framed invitation to the 2005 Inaugural Ball, scale model of the Lincoln memorial…. there are others but you would just think I’m making it up.

It’s like a Republican fun-house here!


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