Top Three Things I Liked About Visiting the US

3.  Southern Civilities: It was such a pleasant thing to have people call you sir all the time.  Most of the applicants would answer every question you asked with, ‘Yes sir’ or ‘No sir.’  I kinda grows on you after you are treated politely for a couple of days.  ‘Please’ and ‘Thank-you’ was not rare and I was mortified as I thought how I must be perceived by people down here.  Shortly after arriving I was very conscious of being more polite.  It was such a nice thing to be gracious with strangers.

2. Hospitality: We were positively spoiled while were were here.  It was so nice to be treated like an honoured guest.  We were graciously kept in Little Rock but we were treated royally at Harding.  I was really blown away.  When we were scheduling a meeting close to lunch the Career Services Dept. ordered us lunch and fed us (in an office they provided for our visit).  When it came time to leave they used a golf cart and took us on a tour of the campus. It was great to be treated so well.

1.  Respect for military officers. On both of my flights back home the flight crew took a few minutes to introduce the military personnel who were in the plane.  As we landed they introduced Col. Robinson and said that it was an honour to fly with him.  The whole passenger compartment was then filled with applause.  I wish we showed the same respect to Canadian service personnel.


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