The Truth about Pink Eye and Swine Flu

Pink Eye  YEAH!

Well I have had a useless day today let me tell you.  Any day that Julie is working I am already working with one hand tied behind my back but when Liam and Daniel woke up with puffy eyes (both on the rights side) I knew we were pooched.  The school told me when I called that pink eye was going around in the SK classroom (not impressed with that piece of info).  The medical centre in Beamsville has none of its six doctors that practice there that can see the boys before Friday, so we had to go to Emergency.  When we arrived there were only two people in the waiting room so good news right?

Pink Eye

…  Three …  hours..       later we are on our way to get the prescription that I could have told you we needed at 8 am this morning;  And don’t you dare tell me that three hours is a good length of time to get in and out of the Emergency.  It is NOT.  THERE IS NO REASON THAT WE NEED ALMOST TWO HOURS FOR EACH PERSON THROUGH THE EMERG.  That is a lousy average!  What are we doing removing bullets?  We needed five minutes of somebody’s time.  That’s it!

Any way (breathe in, breathe out),  we had lots of time (and I mean lots) to see the new infectious control routines that have been implemented at WL this week.  Masks for anyone with a cough; in fact, a guy that came in coughing (probably hyped about the swine flu) was quarantined in a room immediately upon arrival.  Nurses and doctors that went to see him had full Has/Mat suits on, face shields, the full meal deal.

I have been thinking about this swine flu this week.  “There is reason for concern but not reason for alarm”, was the response from Obama on Monday this week and I think that says it pretty well. This requires us all to respond responsibly but let’s all not lose our minds O.K.?  As of today (April 29th) there have been 159 fatalities in Mexico due to the swine flu, and one in the U.S. (a two year old visiting from Mexico).  Updates are coming in all that time at the Toronto Star.  As concerning as that is, you need to reflect this whole scenario in relation to the big picture, which is something that people are typically not very good at.  We take a rising toll of diagnoses and go into full blown panic way to quickly.

Guess how many people have died this year in Canada alone of the garden variety influenza? Four thousand people!  Is there a page on the newspaper website devoted to stories related to this story?  NO!  Why is that!?  We are going absolutely bananas about this swine flu that nobody had ever heard of before, when four thousand people died this winter of the flu we do know about!

Now people are wearing the masks in public and special precautions are being taken when two weeks ago we didn’t give a hoot about a bug that is everywhere and killing thousands.  My favourite example of ‘missing the point’ today came while picking up the drops the twins need.  The Pharmacist that was filling the boy’s prescription today was giving me detailed instructions, from behind the safety glass, and then she takes two germ riddled $20 bills from me with her bare hands, goes into the till and then carefully fiddles with the dirtiest thing she is likely to touch all day and hands me my filthy germ riddled change.  Have a nice day indeed.

Let’s keep things in perspective folks.  Wash your hands, get your rest and let’s not be stupid.

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