I Am Glad I Am Not You.


I am glad I am not Marian Hossa:

  • First he’s got a Girl’s name.  That’s tough, especially in hockey circles, but…
  • Used to play in Ottawa ouch!  Talk about finding no lasting success. He signs and plays for Pittsburgh last year and loses in the Stanley Cup finals to Detroit.  He looks at his options and signs for less money with Detroit (the team that beat him) in the off-season.  This year he loses in the Stanley Cup finals again!  He took a pay cut in order to make sure he didn’t win.

Blue Jackets  Penguins Hockey

But I am really glad I am not  Michel Therrien,

  • the coach of Pittsburgh Penguins for the last 3 plus seasons, was fired in February. He was replaced by the minor league affiliate coach, Dan Bylsma.
  • They were in 10th place at the time, five points out of the playoffs
  • They go on to win the Stanely Cup.  Pretty tough not to take that personally.  ‘With you we can’t make the play-offs.  Without you we are Stanley Cup winners!  You are so bad as a coach.  We could trade you for a minor league coach and become the best team in the league.  That’s brutal!

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