A Course in Viral Videos

OHare United Delays

The funniest thing I have seen in the past couple of weeks, (and I could use the laugh let me tell you) is what happened when an unsatisfied and ignored customer of United Airlines named Dave Carroll wrote a song about his frustrating experience with the huge airline’s customer service department last year, posted it on YouTube and then bam! it went viral!

Dave Carroll of Halifax is a member of a Pop / Rock Band called Sons of Maxwell and he tells his whole story here.  He witnessed his guitar being thrown and ultimately ruined by ground crew in Omaha and spent a year trying to get the airline to admit to its responsibility and compensate him for his loss.  The airline refused and so Dave Carroll told their customer service agents that he was going to write three songs and record them and release them on YouTube.  This is the first.

He posted the video on Monday night and sent an email to 200 friends to check it out.  By Tuesday night there were 150 000 views. By Thursday there were 750 000 hits (that’s about 3 a second!) and it’s going to take off from here.

Tonight, Globe & Mail wrote an update on the story that says that United is going to compensate Dave for his loss and is using this experience as a learning opportunity for it’s customer service department.

Here’s the song:

Here’s the piece on CNN:

The irony of the whole thing is not lost on Dave.  He admits that ;osing his guitar is turning into the greatest opportunity he could have ever imagined.  If they had not broken his guitar, or if they had settled with him early last year none of this would have happened.

The other irony is that a songwriter / performer of his calibre (listen to the song!  It is remarkably well done) could easily have lived his whole life and never been discovered.  That doesn’t seem right either.  Life is so weird.

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