Olympic Torch Comes to Vineland

We are heading down to Vineland after worship at Tintern today to see the Olympic Torch go through town.  It is on a 45, 000 km route (yes that is correct) across Canada.  Now I am no Geography major but I am pretty sure that Canada is only 5 000 km wide at best.  As I recall a trip around the globe would take 50 000 km so either Canada go a lot bigger or the Canadian Government was involved in the planning the torch route.  Not the most direct route I think.

64254Rumour has it that Ms. A, a teacher at Great Lakes is going to be a torch runner this year. Here is an artist conception of what that would be like (if she loses the glasses and shows a bit more gray that I think is likely).  The job comes with a cool pair of pyjamas;  nice touch!  Hopefully they will not have the flame on this high when she carries it.  (Use a scrunchie just in case!)

Pictures from our Day in Vineland will follow.


We had a great day.  Check here for our photo Album:

Olympic Torch Run in Vineland

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