Top 3 Tuesday: Top 3 Christmas Gifts

The results are in! Here are the Top 3 Christmas Gifts received at the Walker House this year:

3. Digital Cameras for Devin and Jacob. Both the older boys have been giggling around the house all week with goofy pictures of themselves. Perhaps I will post the ‘greatest hits’ from their work on a Wordless Wednesday sometime. We wanted a digital camera that was good enough that it could shoot video, decent photos and be inexpensive enough that we wouldn’t cry if they dropped it. The Insignia (from Best Buy) 10 Megapixel Camera is a win on all three counts.


2. Playmobile Egyptian Playset. We read about this toy at the beginning of December and then found it at Toys ‘R Us on sale for 30% off.  (Score!)  PM4242It has been a huge hit.  After the kids go to bed I put everything back the way it should be and I have a blast with it.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa who also scored the Spinx and the Magic Doorway.  The twins love it and it will serve nicely as inspiration for our Bible Day Camp 2010: Egypt: Joseph’s Journey from Prison to Palace More on that later.


And the number one gift received this year?
The “EcoBlast Rechargeable Safety Signal Air Horn” 120 dB of rip snortin’ fun.  Good in an emergency; Great just for laughs out on the back deck.  I can’t wait for my next Ice Dogs game.  I have considered getting one of those disposable canned air horns in the past but they cost $30 and last about half a dozen blasts then they’re done.  This one is refillable (and it comes with a handy air pump) so I am going to let ‘er rip at the next game.  It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

My favourite part of the instructions reads like this: “Warning: Air horn is very loud.  Do not use unnecessarily..”  Yeah, like that’s going to happen 🙂

2 thoughts on “Top 3 Tuesday: Top 3 Christmas Gifts

  1. jenna says that the air horn would be great way to gather the family for your next supper. I’m sure that the people in section D row C B and A will be real impressed at the next game !!


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