The Long and Winding Road

91-94_Ford_Escort_LX_hatchThe end has come. I bought my Dad’s 1993 Ford Escort two years ago (bought is a loose term, he gave it to me but it cost $1 200 to safety) knowing that I would drive it into the ground. We came to learn last week that the ground is here.

Yes, the ground is covered with antifreeze and transmission fluid, and rusted steel that keeps falling off the frame of the car. I can’t stop the bleeding, not without spending money and even then I’m not sure the floor isn’t going to drop out of it. The end has come.

Tomorrow I will take it on a drive. It’s like that drive you take with that dog you aren’t planning to keep.

“You wanta go for a drive boy?”

“A drive? Sure! Where are we going?  Wait what are you doing?  Why are you taking everything out of the glove compartment? What are you doing with the license plates?  Where are you going in that little car?”

I’ll get $200 in trade (assuming I can get it there without needing a tow) and then we will begin modest payments on a 2005 Toyota Echo Toyota Echo (Completely uncompensated testimony: If you know you will be needing a car in the next few months give my friend Bruce at Autoline Toyota a call. If you tell him what you’re looking for he can probably find it. With all the junk in the news these days you probably won’t find a better time to buy a Toyota.)

Speaking of used vehicles there’s one coming up this summer that you might have a chance at if you have some money. The space shuttle Endeavor launched this week and has one more mission in July. When it lands after that trip it will never fly again. It could be the most expensive used vehicle in the world. Talk to Bruce and maybe he can hook you up.



2 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road

  1. Noel, have you ever heard of the 24 Hours of LeMons (that’s LeMONS, not LeMANS)? Seems like the Escort would be a good candidate. And if I were in the province, I might have actually taken it off your hands for such a purpose.

    This is slap-stick humour on wheels, at its best.


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