The Kingdom of God Breaking Out Everywhere

I don’t know if it’s the Seasonal Affective Disorder letting up, or me finally getting over a cold that has lingered for the past few weeks but I am finally starting to feel myself.  I was doing some research for school and was touched by a picture book illustrated by Canadian artist William Kurelek called A Northern Nativity.

He illustrated and wrote a picture book that imagined what it would have looked like if Jesus had been born among the working poor of Northern Ontario. What would it look like if Jesus were born in a snow covered cattle barn along the Trans-Canada highway? Or Mary and Joseph had to go to a Depression-era soup kitchen? Would we recognize Him? Would we welcome Him?  It is a remarkably illustrated book, brilliantly undertaken to take a familiar story and disorient it for the reader.


The book re-imagines what the advent of Jesus Christ was for in the first place.  Jesus’ arrival on earth was the beginning of a new thing here on earth (to borrow a Beth Moore phrase) and in that respect, Jesus is ‘born’ all over the place every day.  Every time I decide to die to myself and live as Jesus would, a little part of his Kingdom comes alive in my life.  Jesus birth is not a one time thing.  It is something we aspire to every day!


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