Yes Virginia There Is A Santa Clause!


This afternoon our flight was ‘delayed’ .  This was the first time a carrier has declined to outright cancel a flight entirely.  It remains on ‘delayed’ status: leaving at 8 am tomorrow instead of 9 pm tonight.  We will miss part of a day but neither of us are complaining.  We would arrive in London at 8 pm.

Suddenly we are going from moping around the house looking at projects we could do to furiously packing ipod chargers and socks and doing laundry.  I haven’t even taken this trip seriously since last Thursday so today I am actually looking at the details. An Airbus A310 seats over 200 people with seats (in coach) that are 16.5″ wide. Yikes. I am going to be thigh to thigh with another guy for seven hours. I don’t think I am going to sleep much after all!

No matter what happens I have decided I am not going to be the crying guy. The guy on the news bawling about the indignity of being disrupted. Nope. I am not going to be that guy.

The ‘help’ has arrived.  Julie’s parents came so things are looking good.  If we are away in the morning I will hopefully write something witty


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