I See Dead People

picture 11Went to Westminster today. Man that place is full of dead people! By the time you are putting your change in your pocket you are already standing on the tomb of poor William Bradford (died 1728 age 32). They are literally stacking them 4 deep in places: Queen Anne, King William, King Edward, and his son Charles – awkward. No pictures allowed but you can imagine why. Everywhere you look you see something amazing. I would still be there if they let me take pictures. It was a day of firsts:

First day in London. First time feeding a pigeon. First time kicking a pigeon accidentally.  Almost first time stepping on pigeon.  First time seeing a bag piper busking:

Cool thing #1 about being in London before the air traffic gets back to normal: No lines! On average there are over 1 500 people that go through the Abbey every day but we meandered through at our leisure for almost 3 hours. If I was there another hour I’d be Anglican. It reminds me of when I went to Canada’s Wonderland and the weather looked awful at 8 am but by 10 am it cleared and was fantastic. I rode the Mine Buster again and again until I got a headache.

Funny thing #1: (this one is for you Kerri Kennedy) Wall-eyed Phillipino monk. No pictures, sorry.

You know how some really famous things turn out to be really ghetto when you see them for real?  Add the Coronation chair to the list.  This is the seat on which each British Sovereign since Edward Longshanks was crowned.  Awesome nickname by the way.  He was 6′ 2″ which was epic in the 1600s.   Now granted the chair is over 700 years old, but it’s still one sad looking chair.  They are currently trying to restore it and it needs it.  If I saw it in my garage i would likely take it to the curb.

Gotta go to bed.  We are taking the river ferry at 8am tomorrow. Wake up Julie lets go!

The view from outside our hotel:


3 thoughts on “I See Dead People

  1. we have bagpipers busking on our boardwalk all the time. if that’s what you wanted to see you could have just come to the soo… LOL


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