Graduation Day

picture 10

picture 11We slept in a bit and had breakfast with Jen and the Kiddos. Mark had an appointment today so we missed him. We walked ten minutes to a bus stop and rode a bus into Cambridge proper. It was beautiful. It was Convocation Day at Kings College so the place was crowded with graduates receiving their diplomas. We walked the campus of Cambridge and saw the mathematician’s gate across the river Cam and then I think we saw Stephen Hawking. He is the current
picture 13

Lucian Chair of Cambridge University (the same position held by Isaac Newton) and he is peerless in the Physics community. He was riding in a motorized wheelchair, with a huge screen in front of him with an assistant trotting alongside. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. Major geek moment of the trip.
picture 12

We went out for lunch and then back to Jen and Mark’s before boarding a train headed for Edinburgh. We made two changes (with minutes to spare each time) before setting in for a nice relaxing ride through the countryside.

Upon arrival in Edinburgh we had a real cultural experience. In their defense it was 7 pm on a Saturday night at the train station but man this place is a bit weird. I am sure it’ll look tamer in the morning.

Number of minutes until I saw a guy in a kilt: 3 min.

Here’s cultural fusion for you. We had supper in an Italian Restaurant in Scotland and our waiter was a french guy from Quebec. He saw my Toronto Maple Leafs hat and scowled. “Where did you get zat sing?” It was a nice supper and we were ready for bed. until tomorrow.

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