The Truth About Seeing

You’ve gotta watch this:

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a three minute video is worth a million. These guys at Soulbend Productions were hired by Hi-Tec to raise some awareness about their shoes. Pay for commercial time? No way! How much commercial time can you buy with $5 000? Instead they made that dumb video that you just saw and hundreds of thousands of people have watched it all ready. It will get talked about on the news in the next couple of days and before the end of the month there will be millions of people who have watched it.

What is the moral of the story? You can make a cheap video clip that can convince millions of people of something that is totally false? You can’t believe everything you see on the Internet? There is something more important than that to be learned. If your church family, your tribe (or denomination) puts its highest values in dealing in propositional truth (proving facts using verses from the Bible) then you are in big trouble. A huge group of people have been totally convinced by a three minute video clip that they can run on water if they buy the right shoes!

In a Post-Modern World, the value of propositional truth is at an all time low. We can whine and complain about it all we want; Shake your fist at the wind, it is no less true. People don’t care if we are right about first century worship practices.  Propositional truth has never been worth less than it is now.

The church needs to pick a new place to start.  Instead of trying to tell the world about the truth we need to introduce them to truth.  Truth is not a thing, truth is a person.  Jesus doesn’t say, “I am telling the truth,” he says, “I am the truth”

If you have a neighbour that doesn’t know who Jesus is (and unless you are living on a desert Island, you do) don’t worry about telling him about Jesus, show him about Jesus.  Serve him in the name of Jesus by forgiving them, loving them and expecting nothing in return.

The world needs to see the gospel, not just hear it.

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