Random Observations By An Occasional Air Traveller


  1. Being on-time for a flight stresses me out so missing a flight altogether must be a killer.  I’ve never missed a flight (yet) but I can’t imagine what that would be like. I guess once you’ve missed a flight you would get used to it.
  2. Why did they not come up with a Fisher Price Play center in the departure lounge until after my kids were more than five? It’s great! I got a few weird looks from some over protective parents but those Little People weren’t going to get played with on their own.
  3. Why don’t they employ the parking valet people as security people? On my way from the parking lot to the airport I had all the goods on five different parties who were leaving Buffalo today. The family of 4 visiting mom and returning to Ecuador. Happy for the visit but happy now that it was over (at least the son-in-law was happy). Semi-pro snooker player who is playing a tournament this weekend near Raleigh NC. Weird Canadian who almost ‘forgot’ his prescriptions’. Now there’s a guy that deserves a thorough pat down.
  4. They ‘over-booked’ my flight to Detroit. How, in the 21st Century does that happen? They take reservations right? There are computers involved. So how do they lose count? They are offering a $200 travel voucher for anyone who can wait for a later flight. Hmmm, I wonder …
  5. For my money, Buffalo is a better airport hands down, From my driveway to the departure lounge (including security, border wait, parking, etc.) 75 min. Parking at Pearson (Toronto) is more expensive, and takes longer. Traffic to the Toronto airport is murder, any time of the day or night. I had no problem getting to my gate here in Buffalo, and flights out of Buffalo are way cheaper FTW (for the win).
  6. Favourite Air Travel Metaphor: Lifting off from both Buffalo and from Detroit; both cities are devastated by a lingering recession and, at least around the airport, look pretty beat up. Today the weather on the ground is cloudy, cold and drab. But once you take off and soar above the clouds the sky is brilliantly bright and blue.  Not sure what it means but it sure is a shocker to see a sunny day come out of nowhere.

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