God Born in an Outbuilding Just Off the Highway


My visual imagination has been forever changed by a picture book illustrated by Canadian artist William Kurelek called A Northern Nativity.

In it he illustrated what it would have looked like if Jesus had been born among the working poor of Northern Ontario. What would it look like if Jesus were born in a snow covered cattle barn along the Trans-Canada highway? Or Mary and Joseph had to go to a  soup kitchen for a meal? Would we recognize Him? Would we welcome Him? It is a remarkably illustrated book, brilliantly undertaken to take a familiar story and disorient it for the reader.

It helps us reimagine the scandal. For to many of us, where else do you put a baby but in a manger. We have lost touch of the absurdity of it all. The full nature of God come in human form and we put him in a feed trough. How outrageous. God in an outbuilding!

Enjoy the tour of the book:

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