Teachers Live Forever

Rick and Sandy

I shared in a school assembly yesterday where the Great Lakes Community gathered to remember Rick McBay, who passed away suddenly last Saturday. The first person to speak stood at the mike, it began to feedback and everyone sat there, waiting. It was a solid six seconds before Don Rose got up to adjust the microphones. This was Rick’s gift: adjusting the sound equipment. I would have laughed if I wasn’t already crying.

The students shared so many good stories. I was struck by a phrase I have heard repeatedly over the past few days. I’ve lost count of how many people have said that Rick didn’t so much teach them how to sing; he taught them that they could sing.

Where do kids form this opinion? Who is telling these kids they can’t sing? Rick has added countless singers to God’s great choir over the 22 years he has been involved in chorus by not giving up on people. He showed so many kids that they could sing. Not just kids. Bruce Robinson, a ‘kid’ in his late 60’s shared through tears on Sunday that he was so grateful, “that Rick let him sing in Living Water.”

Another former student shared with us at Tintern that, “Mr. McBay didn’t just teach me how to sing; He taught me why to sing.”

Singing is worship and worship is what we were meant for. It doesn’t matter whether you are an American Idol or whether you can’t carry a tune in a bucket. You were meant to sing.

We give God our praise because that’s all we have to give him. We have nothing else but our songs.

Another student shared that, “in some ways, Mr. McBay will never be gone as long as you remember what he has taught you.”

A Teacher’s influence goes out far beyond their physical presence. The character that they form in people continues to change the world, long after they are gone

One thought on “Teachers Live Forever

  1. You’ll keep finding a lot of other things that “Rick did”! Such a great blend of doing it properly and accepting that it was people like us doing it.


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