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Has science ever kissed a woman, or won the SuperBowl, or put a man on the moon?” -Homer Simpson-


Sorry, more science stuff (some of these blog entries I do just for me). Here’s three facts coming out of January’s National Geographic magazine that floored me:

  • Less than 2 million of the estimated 11 million different species on earth have even been catalogued! Over half of the 1.9 million species on record are insects. Researchers in Costa Rica discover one or more new species every day! Less than 1.5% of the known species are mammals. Less than 5% are animals you would even recognize (the kind of animals on Dora the Explorer)
  • The earth’s population will pass 7 billion this year. It has doubled since I was born!
  • An article on population growth says the big problem isn’t overpopulation, but it is over use of natural resources. The planet can support up to 9 billion people. What the planet can’t support is 350 million North Americans burning fossil fuels to go get a bag of milk. Ouch!

2010 was the first year of the decade dedicated to the support and renewal of biodiversity on the planet.  Human Beings (Western Developed World ones) are the greatest threat to life on earth.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!  Well, don’t smoke it, remember your carbon footprint.

Happy New Year everyone!

One thought on “More Sciency Stuff

  1. If my memory about numbers is trustworthy, then Mumbai [we used to call it ‘Bombay’ ] is putting 10,000 new cars on the road every day. Both India and China are fighting hard to catch up to North America…….

    Always buy 2 bags of milk when you go to the store; that’ll help.
    Buy a solid backpack and walk to the grocery store, often. Think of the savings on OHIP if we got lots of exercise.


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