Conference in Dallas Canceled

Bad news.  Freezing rain in Dallas.  The rest of my conference is canceled.  I am so disappointed. Facilitator Stephen Johnson closed the evening with a sober announcement:

“I am sure many of you have been following the recent weather bulletins.  This is the latest, ‘we are anticipating a significant weather event.’  Two inches of snow by 7 am  followed by up to an inch of ice by 9 am.”

Bruce, a Lutheran from Minnesota then asks, “When does the angel of death arrive?”  Everyone roared.

Those from Abilene (3 hours west) left immediately.  They are hoping to drive caravan style back tonight to miss the worst of it.  The forecast called for 8 to 10 inches of snow and blizzard conditions for them.

Me, Nathan, and all the Lutherans are stuck at the LaQuinta hotel.  Their flight is supposed to leave tomorrow at 6pm but we’ll see. My flight home isn’t until early Wednesday morning. The down side is that we are stuck here at the hotel for the day.  The good news is we have a great view of the freeway so tomorrow should be fascinating.

In my dream world I will be stuck at the LaQuinta Hotel with Patrick Kiefert for three days and then go buy tickets for the Superbowl for 10 bucks.  We’ll see if it works out.


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