A Theology of Babies


My Favourite Obstetrical Nurse

We have had scads and scads of babies born at my church lately and I started thinking that if what God does tells us something about who God is then what do babies say about God?  If God is at work in the world – and I certainly think that He is – what do babies say about what God values?

Babies say that God has not given up on the world. He does not give up. No matter how bad things seem to get God has not thrown in the towel and smoked us all. He keeps sending new people, making new families and often entrusts these new people to new parents; people who have no clue what they are doing!

Babies (at least how they are born) demonstrates that God is infinitely creative. I would have never come up with this system in a million, million years. It starts off great but man does this baby construction project get out of hand in a hurry! 🙂

You can learn a little bit about love when a baby is born. I thought I had given my whole heart to my first born son but when my second son came along I found I could give it all again without being diminished. Later I discovered I could give my whole heart twice at the same time when the twins arrived! Love gives all without every running out.

A baby demonstrates God’s desire that life should go on. Even in seasons of grieving and loss, God keeps creating. There is still a little more love in His heart.

2011-02-09 16.15.36

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