Ode to Little Boys and Gentlemen


Oh the things that happen;
The things that just are;
when you share your home with a little boy.

The sound effects that seem in-born
from the moment that he can make a peep.
The preoccupation with his body and the noises it makes,
continues even when he sleeps.

The days of a little boy wearing nothing but a Superman cape
and cowboy boots are in your future.
Attempts at scaling walls and jumping off furniture
while shouting with joy, “I’m Spiderman,”
become a fact of life.
The collections of rocks and sticks are coming your way.
Do not throw them out.
They are all catalogued and sorted in his own little way.

Prepare yourself for guns of all descriptions.
Created out of any toy or stick to be found.
Be sure you mean it when you say, “Go outside and play.”
He will not be able to refuse any puddle around,
despite a lack of proper foot wear, or any foot wear for that matter.

Get ready for pets of all kinds,
the grosser the better.
Funeral services for caterpillars named George,
and snails too plentiful to remember
are all a parent’s job.
Not to mention worms, and tadpoles brought to you as gifts.
Whenever he says, “Mommy look what I found!”
prepare your heart and your stomach for every possible thing around.

Little boy snuggles are something unique.
They are accompanied by a smell
that can only be described as ‘boy’.
Manly squeezes around your neck and
whispers of, “you’re awesome Mommy,” will be yours to enjoy.
Soak them all up and return them with joy.

So what is meant by all this strange little boy behaviour?
The capes, the weapons, the rough and tumble play?
The forming of this little one is in your hands to mold and guide.
Let him be a boy through and through.
He’s just practising in front of you.

God is teaching him to be a man.
To change his world and be a hero
for some future and unsuspecting girl.
You only have him for a little awhile and
when he’s grown and on his own
look back in memory and rejoice
for you have made not a little man but a gentleman.

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