Nietzsche the Theologian


Friedrich Nietzsche is famous for saying a number of things: “Whatever doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger,” “I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time,” “God is dead! And we have killed him.”  In life he was as famous an atheist as the world has ever known, and he died tragically, in an insane asylum in 1900, completely out of his mind.

Randy Harris spoke at the Highland Church of Christ in Abilene TX last week on “Suffering and the Triumph of Love” and Randy surprised at least me when he said that Nietzsche was his favourite theologian.

Randy said in the sermon linked above that, “A picture of Nietzsche hangs on my wall over my desk at home and has looked over everything I have ever written… I learned very early on that if you cannot answer Nietzsche, you cannot be a Christian.  For those who live in America there are two viable choices: You can be Christian, or you can be Nietzschian. ”

Well said Randy. A believer in Jesus Christ is not a person who has all the answers but rather is a person who is willing to hear all the questions. If you cannot stand to hear the church’s critics then you are a coward.

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