Book Review: Rick & Bubba's Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage

Rick and Bubba are the co-hosts of a nationally syndicated comedic radio program in the US called “Rick and Bubba’s Radio Show.  If you are a fan of that program then you will likely find their Guide to the Almost Nearly Perfect Marriage a stitch.  It is filled with 45 short stories full of home-spun humour.

The Guide is the fifth book of ‘wisdom’ from Rick and Bubba and has a pretty formulaic approach.  Two or three sassy sardonic stories written for amusement and then a heartwarming tale that brings some ‘biblical teaching’ to light.  When put together however it reads in an uneven way that makes it difficult to know when you should take them seriously.  It is not the kind of book that can be read at lenght since guy humour of this kind gets old quick.  It can only be read in short doses.

The biblical wisdom is light and fluffy and frankly hard to take seriously when it is surrounded by sarcastic stories where this same wisdom is not being followed very closely.  I know I am being a little harsh here but since I don’t think, “taking your wife to a sporting goods store,” is an ideal date night (p. 180) I can tell this book hasn’t been written for me.

A book full of funny stories? Sort of.  A book full of guidance for marriage? Definitely not.


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