No One Knows How to Make Mouse

If you’ve got two and a half minutes free and want to acquire a splinter in your mind then watch this.

That’s a cool thought! No one on earth has all the knowledge to make a computer mouse.  In the (post)modern world we are necessarily dependent on each other.  So what does this mean?

This got me thinking about how nobody stands completely alone. We all stand in some way on each other’s shoulders. What we understand about the world, and God, and faith, is dependent on what someone has already told us. Nobody has all the information first hand.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if we can accept that none of us have all the answers first hand, maybe we can get better at living in healthy tension with one another. Can you and I be friends and disagree about something? Instead of building our friend groups and faith communities out of people with the exact same opinions on everything, maybe we can cultivate and belong to groups where we don’t agree on everything and that’s O.K.

I’m not saying that faith doesn’t matter or that there is no such thing as absolute truth. What I am saying is that in the 21st century we need to embrace the fact that you and I can belong to a church together and have different opinions and share them with each other in love, and we don’t have to pit our ideas against each other like an ideological cock fight and see which one wins. Fifty years ago my grandparents were kicked out of a church because they had a different opinion about how the Holy Spirit communicates with a believer. Can we agree to disagree about issues of intense personal opinion and still be brothers? Can we still be friends?



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