Why Christmas is a Good Time to Grieve

I won’t be trite or fancy with this topic because there are many people I know and love that have a tough road to walk at Christmas time. What I mean by the title is this: the Christmas story, properly understood, is a great comfort to those who are grieving. Blogger Jon Bloom puts it … Continue reading Why Christmas is a Good Time to Grieve

God Born in an Outbuilding Just Off the Highway

My visual imagination has been forever changed by a picture book illustrated by Canadian artist William Kurelek called A Northern Nativity. In it he illustrated what it would have looked like if Jesus had been born among the working poor of Northern Ontario. What would it look like if Jesus were born in a snow … Continue reading God Born in an Outbuilding Just Off the Highway

Born in Greek

A phrase I have heard frequently when I talk to pastors who have been to seminary is how they have all forgotten everything they ever learned about Greek.  I find this greatly disturbing.  That course nearly killed me and I don't want it to go for nothing so I will occasionally write about stuff that … Continue reading Born in Greek

Santa 2.0

(Finally done my third major paper in about 2 weeks. That's at least 50 pages, double spaced with 1" margins.  I am so sick of writing for school I have been dying to write something that doesn need to be spelt or punktuated properly.) It's easy to forget that the Christmas season -just about all … Continue reading Santa 2.0