Abortion, Federal Funding and Religious Freedom

In December of last year the Federal Government announced that it would require all applicants to the Canada Summer Jobs Program to agree to a formal attestation that: Both the job and the organization’s core mandate respect individual human rights in Canada, including the values underlying the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as other … Continue reading Abortion, Federal Funding and Religious Freedom


An Endangered Species: The Casual Church Attender

Canadians are usually quite good at finding differences between themselves and their southern neighbours. Our congregation (the Tintern Church of Christ) has played host to a mission team from the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ in Little Rock Arkansas for three years, and most recently a group of teens from the Northeast Church of Christ … Continue reading An Endangered Species: The Casual Church Attender

King Jesus

As a minister my greatest challenge is to convince the people that I love and serve that the biggest problem in their life (whether they will believe it or not) is a theological one. Our biggest challenge in life is not our suffering, or how to cope when things don't go right. Our biggest problem … Continue reading King Jesus

Pictures of Egypt

Exile is an powerful metaphor for discontinuous change. Not a simple adaptive challenge like buying a bigger pair of pants because all your clothes shrank (go figure). Exile is finding yourself in a unfamiliar place where what used to work doesn't work anymore. Christians find themselves in exile these days. We are doing what we've … Continue reading Pictures of Egypt