Dealing with Silence

I recently watched "Silence," the latest Martin Scorsese film, based on the novel written by Shusaku Endo. It was a deeply troubling movie. The film portrays the fictional story of a 17th Century Jesuit Missionary from Portugal named Father Sebastian Rodrigues (played by Andrew Garfield) who sets sail for Japan in 1640, determined to help … Continue reading Dealing with Silence

Churches Helping Churches

Mars Hill Church did a sermon special on Mark Driscoll's trip to Haiti last week.  It totally wrecked Julie and I.  We have been deeply convicted by what was said.  We strongly encourage you to make time to watch this: We are going to see this short summary of the video this Sunday at … Continue reading Churches Helping Churches


"So you've started a blog and after two days you've run out of things to say?"  Well, here is the first in what I hope is a short list of totally random thoughts: Why does the number forty keep coming up in the Bible?  Coincidentally, the Sistine chapel (see below) happens to be forty feet wide and has … Continue reading Forty