A Whispered Psalm of Hope

Psalm 16 is called a "Mikhtam" of David and no one is sure what that means. “Mikhtam,” is also used before Psalms 56 - 60 and all six of these Psalms are cries for help that are written when the writer is in danger. You can't cry out loud so your protest is "Mikhtam" (covered); … Continue reading A Whispered Psalm of Hope

Why You Need Tragedy In Your Life

You learn things through suffering that you won't learn; you can't learn any other way. Consider the story of Joseph in Genesis (Gen 37-50). Why was it necessary for there to be so much suffering in Joseph's life? His father Jacob poisoned his own family by preferring his sons Joseph and Benjamin over his other … Continue reading Why You Need Tragedy In Your Life

God At Work

The Psalmist nailed it, "My soul is weary with sorrow..." Pslm 119:28 . I am sick of grieving.  God has been gracious enough to give me a month between these two dark nights of the soul (first Jeremy's funeral last month and now this); but it's not enough. I don't want to do another funeral, … Continue reading God At Work

Slim Hope

There is still the slightest chance that our holiday will go forward.  We delayed cancelling all the the stuff we could last night and waited to hear the news from today. Gatwick is officially closed until 8 pm EDT (1am BST).  Our plane is supposed to leave at 9: 45 pm tonight.  Air Transat is … Continue reading Slim Hope