Elijah Redux

It's cool that the book of Malachi comes at the end of the English Old Testament in light of the final verses and their fulfillment in the books that immediately follow it. In Malachi 4: 5 – 6 we read, See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of … Continue reading Elijah Redux

Tattle Tale

Nobody likes a tattletale. Maybe you have a brother or a sister that always seems to know what you've done. They never fail to tell your parents and get you in trouble. In Genesis chapter 37 we read about Joseph and his 11 brothers. Now Joseph is famous for his coat of many colours but … Continue reading Tattle Tale


"So you've started a blog and after two days you've run out of things to say?"  Well, here is the first in what I hope is a short list of totally random thoughts: Why does the number forty keep coming up in the Bible?  Coincidentally, the Sistine chapel (see below) happens to be forty feet wide and has … Continue reading Forty

The True Vine

A friend at church told me a story about his dad planting trees.  He had Willow trees at the back of his property growing near a meandering creek.  One day he cut a branch off a huge willow tree and walking over to some wet soil near the stream he stuck it in the ground.  Years later now that Willow … Continue reading The True Vine