Top Three Tuesday: Things I Actually Got Done

Well, I had a week off last week and resolved to get three things done: 3.  Read a book.  Not quite done but 165 of the 250 pages done.  Simple Church is not Simple.  It is a great book that follows in the footsteps of the Purpose Driven Church.  The great contribution to church leadership … Continue reading Top Three Tuesday: Things I Actually Got Done



I watched Wally with my three oldest boys tonight; Well actually two oldest and our neighbour's son.  He's kind of one of us too.  After seeing Bambi, I would have thought there was no animated feature that could make me cry.  I was wrong. Wally could very well be my new favourite Pixar movie.  It … Continue reading WALL-E

Noel Tweets!

I heard about Twitter a couple of months ago and have been experimenting with it ever since.  There is something about it that I find quite fascinating.  Twitter is a microblog service that basically allows you to broadcast a 140 character status either on line or using a cell phone text message. Michael Hyatt writes … Continue reading Noel Tweets!


Last year Life magazine did a cover story about Abigail & Brittany Hensel, now eighteen year old conjoined twins.  It was also written about here.  "One Body with Two Souls" Perhaps inappropriately, there is a fascination in the public toward Siamese (conjoined) twins.  Born as an accident of nature, there is something almost unnatural about … Continue reading Double-Souled