21st Century Hymns

One of the benefits of setting up the PowerPoint for worship on Sunday is you often have to type the words to the songs into the computer. I have often found a profound sermon hidden in the words of a hymn we will sing (often more profound than the sermon I was going to preach). … Continue reading 21st Century Hymns

Table Fellowship

At church this week we focused on the practice of communion in our worship services.  It is one of the most important things that we do together, and it is an indicator of the health of our congregation.  After all, a church that has difficulty doing communion together is likely having difficulty in lots of … Continue reading Table Fellowship

Look Busy

Today Ed Stetzer wrote on his blog, On May 19, 1780 the sky over Connecticut turned dark - so dark that they needed candles to see at noon. The darkness spread as far as they could see, every town in the area that they could contact experienced the same thing. It was shocking, frightening, and … Continue reading Look Busy