Volunteering Resources

In connection with our sermon this weekend here are a couple of websites that are quite helpful / insightful. What Kind of Volunteer are you? (Globe and Mail) Are you a Type A, Rookie, or a Groupie Volunteer. Take this quiz and find out what kind of volunteer roles you are best suited for. This … Continue reading Volunteering Resources

Relearning the Gospel

Martin Luther, in his Lecture on Galatians says,  “The truth of the gospel is the principle article of all Christian doctrine. Most necessary is that we know this article well, teach it to others, and beat it into their heads continually.” Luther was well known for theatrically overstated opinions.  I find this writing style encouraging, … Continue reading Relearning the Gospel

King Jesus

As a minister my greatest challenge is to convince the people that I love and serve that the biggest problem in their life (whether they will believe it or not) is a theological one. Our biggest challenge in life is not our suffering, or how to cope when things don't go right. Our biggest problem … Continue reading King Jesus

Pictures of Egypt

Exile is an powerful metaphor for discontinuous change. Not a simple adaptive challenge like buying a bigger pair of pants because all your clothes shrank (go figure). Exile is finding yourself in a unfamiliar place where what used to work doesn't work anymore. Christians find themselves in exile these days. We are doing what we've … Continue reading Pictures of Egypt